«I am scared about flying» squeaked Lucky, getting up. «When it will happen, I will be close to you» meowed Zorba licking the head.”

Luis Sepúlveda

Doula is mothering the mother.

Doula is a professional figure supporting maternity.

Doula stays close to the mother, listening without judging, offering a personal, emotional and practical support.

As a doula, I accompany mothers and couples from the pregnancy to the first year of the baby, offering to listen and to provide iformation, orientation and practical care.

I offer tailor-made courses for mothers and families, but also for companies or professional offices, in order to face maternity with consciousness and trust in ourselves and in our abilities. Live and online.

I studied at Mondo Doula association and I work according to Italian Law No. 4/2013.

I am peer counsellor for breastfeeding.