And if everything is a dream, it doesn’t matter. I love it and I want to keep follow dreaming.”

Luis Sepúlveda

I am Francesca and I am an independent legal consultant and a doula.

Piemontese by birth and Lombard by adoption, I grew up in Piemonte, where I learnt to play tennis (and continued up to the 2nd F.I.T. category) and started studying.

With my high school diploma (“liceo classico”) in hand, I then moved to Milan, where I lived for 20 years and where in the meantime I graduated in law at Bocconi University, passed the bar exam as a lawyer, worked in leading law firms and worked for more than a decade in one of the most important international arbitration institutions, the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan.

Arbitration is the field in which I specialised and which I am passionate about.

Motherhood then opened my eyes to new words and ways of being in the world. I discovered the figure of the doula and became one, attending the main Italian training school in this sector, Mondo Doula association, with which I actively collaborate, also as a teacher.

Communication is the common denominator of all my activities and it is an important part of my work, which I also offer to the people and companies I work with.

Since 2020 I have been an independent consultant.

Carrying out my work independently, following my passions, represents the point of arrival of my personal evolution; and therefore, like every arrival, it is a new departure.

I speak Italian (mother tongue), English and Spanish.


Why seagulls?

I haved always loved “The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly” and the author, Luis Sepúlveda.

I have been on Saint Michael bell-tower in Hambourg: the perfect place to learn how to fly.

During 2020 lockdown, I had the honour to observe the birth of three small seagulls, following their growth till the day when they learnt to fly. As Luis Sepúlveda did, in the same year.

Here I honour all these coincidences with seagulls pictures (all by Unsplash) and with all quotes from the story of Lucky seagull written by Sepúlveda.