And if everything is a dream, it doesn’t matter. I love it and I want to keep follow dreaming. (Luis Sepúlveda)

I am Francesca, lawyer, doula and mother of three kids.

I am organised and curious. When I arrived in Milan, after high school, I chose the law degree at Bocconi University, with the aim to try to understand our society from a legal point of view. Including some international experiences abroad.

Then I obtained the lawyer qualification at the Court of Appeal of Milan and then the homologation of my law degree in Spain, giving voice to my passion for Spanish language and for its overwhelming expressions.

While working for important law firms in Milan, the need to study the judicial sector appeared and I did it my way, choosing an engaging alternative. I then specialised in alternative dispute resolution methods, in particular in arbitration. I worked 10 years for the main Italian arbitral institution (Chamber of Arbitration of Milan).

I did not stop here!

I had two kids and I felt my maternal and welcoming soul growing, in relation to my kids and as a general approach to other people. I then became a doula, a professional figure supporting maternity, studying in the major Italian association in this field (Mondo Doula).

Why don’t go further? 

Arising your own thoughts and translating them into charming and impactful messages, respecting feelings and goals of everyone. Here is where publishing comes together with my other competences, which integrate, flow and contaminate one another. I work also in communication field, for individuals and companies.

My work as independent, following my passions, represents the arrival of this evolution; and, as an arrival, it is a new start. 

It is clear that I love challenges 🙂

Maybe this comes from a passion, which I have been cultivating since I was a child: tennis. I have been playing it since I was a child and I have reached a competitive level. 

I speak Italian (mothertongue), English and Spanish.